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Including Arbitrary HTML Markup

  Raw HTML or HTML+ tags and text may be included using the environment rawhtml. This can be used to take advantage of new HTML+ facilities as soon as they become available.   A particularly good use of this feature is in the creation of interactive electronic forms from within a LaTeX document. When producing the paper (DVI) version of a document the rawhtml environment is ignored.

Here is an example:  

<LI> <INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="wp" VALUE="word"> Word for
<LI> <INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="wp" VALUE="wp"> Word Perfect.
<LI> <INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="wp" VALUE="latex"> LaTeX.
<LI> Plain Text Editors (Please Specify): <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="other_ed">
So, what do think (comments please): <BR>
<INPUT TYPE="text" SIZE=45,4 NAME="other_wp">

<INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="submit this form but don't expect much!">

The result is shown below.

  1. Word for Windows.
  2. Word Perfect.
  3. LaTeX.
  4. Plain Text Editors (Please Specify):
So, what do think (comments please):

Warning: Avoid using LaTeX commands involving counters (e.g. numbered figures or equations) in conditional text because this may disrupt the values of the counters in the electronic version.

Leon Kos
Tue Mar 19 09:29:01 MET 1996