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Conditional Text

      Conditional text can be specified using the environments latexonly and htmlonly. These allow writing parts of a document which are intended only for electronic delivery or only for paper-based delivery.

This would be useful for example in adding a long description of a multimedia resource in the paper version of a document. Such a description would be redundant in the electronic version, as the user can have direct access to this resource.

Here is an example of the use of the latexonly environment:

There are also shorthand notations to accomplish the same thing with less typing. The \latex{} command causes everything within the braces to be processed by LaTeX, but ingored by LaTeX2HTML. Conversely, the \html{} command causes everything within the braces to be ignored by LaTeX and processed by LaTeX2HTML. Finally the command \latexhtml{}{} causes everthing within the first set of braces to be processed exclusively by LaTeX, with the contents of the second set of braces processed solely by LaTeX2HTML.


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