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Hyperlinks in LaTeX

        Arbitrary hypertext references are available through the commands htmladdnormallink and htmladdimg.

These are defined as follows:

The first command expects some text as the first argument and a URL as the second argument. When processed by LaTeX (i.e. in the dvi or ps output files), the URL will have no effect. But when processed by the translator, the URL will be used to provide an active hypertext link (to another file, picture, sound file, movie, etc) e.g.

A similar command called htmladdnormallinkfoot takes the same two arguments and has the same effect when generating HTML as htmladdnormallink. But when processed by LaTeX it shows the URL as a footnote.

In a similar way, the argument of the htmladdimg command should be a URL pointing to an image. This URL is ignored in the LaTeX hard copy output.

Leon Kos
Tue Mar 19 09:29:01 MET 1996