Structural Analysis with FEM

Short Description:
LECAD has equipment and knowledge to perform various types of structural analysis. Among markable examples are:

  1. static analysis of various components of water turbine parts (housings, runners, distributors, spiral casings, draft tubes)

    FE Analysis of
    a Francis turbine
    spiral case

    FE Analysis of
    a Pelton runner

    FE analysis of
    a Francis runner
    (English version)

    FE analysis of
    a Francis runner
    (Slovene version)
  2. dynamic analysis (determination of eigen frequencies) of various geometrically complex structures

  3. static analysis of various types of plastic valves for water injection into household devices

  4. FEM analysis of assemblies including transfer of forces via contact surfaces

Project type: Research

The aim of research: Identifying potential structural problems and to suggest solutions.


Authors: Tomaz Kolsek, Joze Duhovnik

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