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Changes up to v95

*Much improved inlined equation baseline alignment!
(Thanks to Mark Segal <>) Inlined equation bitmaps are now aligned correctly depending on whether they contain subscripts, superscripts etc.
*Support for internationalization
(Thanks to Martin Boyer <>) A global variable LANGUAGE_TITLES can now be used to change the language in which some section titles (eg ``Table of Contents'') are printed. It is also very easy to add support for more languages.
*Compatibility with Perl 5
*More efficient implementation
There has been a major overhaul of the way the source text is parsed and analyzed in order to reduce the memory requirements of this process.

This has been achieved by spawning off separate Unix processes to deal with each of the input'ed or include'd files. As each process terminates all the space that it used is reclaimed. Asynchronous communication between processes takes place using the Unix DataBase Management system (DBM or NDBM) which should be present on your system.

To take advantage of these changes, it is necessary to split the source text into more than one files which can be assembled using the LaTeX input or include commands.

*``Off-line'' Image Generation

Two new options -no_images and -images_only allow ``off-line'' image conversion. The advantage of using these options is that the translation can be allowed to finish even when there are problems with image conversion. In addition it may be possible to fix manually any image conversion problems and then run LaTeX2HTML again just to integrate the new images without having to translate the rest of the text. More instructions on how to do this are included in the ``Troubleshooting'' section of the LaTeX2HTML manual.

Can now use either the pbmplus or the netpbm libary. If netpbm is used then it is no longer necessary to get and install giftrans in order to generate transparent inlined images.

Also, a new option map=<image map URL> in the command htmlimage can turn an included postscript image into an active image map.

*New options
Do not attempt to produce any inlined images. The missing images can be generated "off-line" by restarting LaTeX2HTML with the option -images_only.
Try and convert any inlined images that were left over from previous runs of LaTeX2HTML.
Do not reuse images generated during previous translations. (This will enable the initial interactive session during which the user is asked whether to reuse the old directory, delete its contents or quit)
Place the generated HTML files in the current directory. The default behaviour is to create (or reuse) another file directory.
Use links to external postscript images rather than inlined GIF images.

*Several small changes and bug fixes

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Leon Kos
Tue Mar 19 09:29:01 MET 1996