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Changes upto v96


*Tables and math support for HTML 3.0
Tables can now be specified in HTML, without having to generate a GIF image. Code is also available for HTML 3.0 equations, but it is not currently turned on, since no browser can handle it (yet!) (Courtesy of Marcus Hennecke <>)

*Font generation at screen resolutions
The quality of equation bitmaps is greatly improved by enabling the $PK_GENERATION configuration variable. When this is done METAFont will be invoked through dvips to generate fonts more suitable to screen viewing. Ideally, this should be done by setting the mode switch to dvips, but unfortunately not all version of dvips support this option. For those that don't, a .dvipsrc file is supplied with this distribution. Sidik Isani (<>) provided this change.

*Improved support for active image maps
Both server and client-side maps are supported. Image maps can either be inline or external. External maps can be associated with a thumbnail image. A separate script makemap helps resolve external URLs in image maps. (Herb Swan <>)

*Improved image sharing and recycling
The older version of image recycling often caused images to overwrite each other due to confusion in the bookkeeping. This has been fixed. It is also no longer necessary to keep generating the same image which is being used repeatedly in a document. Furthermore, images with thumbnails can now be recycled, as well as active image maps. Only images of the correct size are recycled. (Herb Swan)

*Document segmentation
Large documents can now be divided into independently processed segments. Additional command line switches provide intersegment navigation information, while automatically generated Perl files pass symbolic references and counter information between segments. (Herb Swan, assisted by Michel Goossens <>)

*Command parsing made more like LaTeX's
Constructs like \hello2 are now treated as macro hello followed by argument `2', rather than as macro hello2. Added and commands. (Marcus Hennecke)

*Graceful termination upon interrupt
When LaTeX2HTML is interrupted by a termination signal, all child tasks are also terminated. This provides a more orderly shutdown than that offered by previous versions. (Herb Swan)

*Support for textual font size changes
HTML 2.1 support is now available fo ISO 10646 Unicode character sets by specifying -html_version 2.1. HTML 3.0 support is provided for textual font size changes (like <SMALL>), used in conjunction wich a generated optional style sheet. (Marcus Hennecke)

*More inline math generated in HTML
Small inline equations which can be typeset in HTML are typeset in HTML. This further reduces the nuber of GIF files that need to be generated.

*Hypertext references can now be external
The commands htmlref and hyperref now accept labels defined in an external document if the internal reference is not found. (Herb Swan)

*Additional style files are now available
These were provided by Herb Swan:
Defines a fancier list environment, such as this. (It is the same as the description environment in the paper version.)

Redefines the equation environment so that equation numbers are handled in HTML. This causes equations in this environment to be recyclable. It also causes equation arrays to be recyclable if their equation numbers do not change from the previous run.
Provides support for this environment by making it look like an ordinary figure in the electronic version.
(Same comment as for floatfig).
Defines elements of the standard LaTeX2e graphics package.

*More support for LaTeX2e
Provided support for the ensuremath command. The last option to the babel package is interpreted as the LaTeX2HTML language style file to load. User-defined commands and environments can now have an optional argument. Stubs have been provided for enlargethispage and suppressfloats. LaTeX2epackages alltt, graphics, graphicx, color and epsfig were provided. This manual itself was transformed into standard LaTeX2e. (Herb Swan and Michel Goossens)

*Orientation manipulation for figures
The flip= option of htmlimage causes the program pnmflip to be called prior to the generation of the GIF file. This allows the electronic version of the image to be oriented differently than the paper version. (Herb Swan)

*Better treatment of null images
If for some reason an image produced a null GIF file, then no reference is made to that file and the program proceeds gracefully. Furthermore, such null images do not need to be regenerated. This would occur in HTML 3.0 images whose caption is enclosed in a parbox, for example. (Marcus Hennecke)

*Independent control over top/bottom navigation panels
There are now separate subroutines to control the top and bottom navigation panels. (Jens Krinke <>).

*Labels, equations and images in section headings
All of these items are now permitted inside a section heading, and in the \title{} command. However, the equations may not look very good because of the size difference. (Herb Swan)

*Other changes
The following other numerous changes are in no particular order:


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Leon Kos
Tue Mar 19 09:29:01 MET 1996