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[slika] Janez Krek

I graduated on Faculty of mechanical engineering in June 1996 and defended my MSc in June 2015. I was working (mostly) on a plasma related projects as a code developer, while being system and WWW administrator. My programming languages of choice are Python and C/C++, but I can also "speak" FORTRAN, PHP, Perl, bash (scripting), SQL, HTML, CSS. I possess knowledge of system administration of Linux/UNIX, Windows OS, and heterogeneous networks.

I'm continuing my academic path on Michigan State University (College of Engineering, CMSE department) as a doctorate student pursuing a PhD in computational plasma physics in Plasma Theory and Simulation Group (PTSG) with advisor Prof. John P. Verboncoeur. My webpage @ MSU.

Short list of work done

Janez Krek
University of Ljubljana
Faculty of mechanical engineering
Askerceva 6
SI-1000 Ljubljana
+386 1 4771 437
e-mail: Janez.Krek@lecad.uni-lj.si