Power dissipation of a water jet in a chamber

Short Project Description:
Transient flow causing extensive structure oscillations on the chamber and valve body has been detected. The study was performed by applying the CFD code to the model and prototype scales and comparing the results. It turned out that the results obtained at the model scale could be applied to the prototype by applying simple scaling rules. It has been shown that the numerical method yielded results that fit reasonably with experiments and might be applied with confidence for both engineering and scientific purposes.

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general layout of
the chamber

Cross section of
a Needle valve

Velocity field

Project type: Industrial application

Partners: Litostroj EI Ljubljana Slovenia

Implementation: Design of Needle Valve and power dissipation chamber for Marun Irrigation/powerplant  system (Iran)

The aim of research: Optimization of needle valve cavitation characteristics
Evaluation of dynamic forces acting on pressure chamber due to jet oscillations
Stress analysis

Method: Experimental and numerical (CFD and CSM)


Authors: Nikola Jelic, Tomaz Kolsek, Joze Duhovnik, Anton Bergant

Additional documents:

- detailed project description as an article (HTML)
- animation of velocity field (mpeg xx MB)
- animation of pressure distribution development (mpeg xx MB)
- 3D streakline animation (mpeg xx MB)