Laboratory equipment

Laboratory equipment is divided into following groups:

UNIX workstations

ModelProcessorRAM [MB]Hard diskGraphicsOS
SGI INDIGO 2R4400, 150MHz1604GbXZIRIX 5.3
INDYR4000, 100MHz641.2Gb---IRIX 5.3
INDYR4000, 100MHz641.2Gb---IRIX 5.3
HP J2822x PA-8000, 180MHz5124Gb Visualize 48HP-UX 10.20
Apollo 9000 735/80???801Gb, 4Gb CRX24ZHP-UX 10.20
Apollo 9000 712/60???801GbColor graphics HP-UX 10.20
Apollo 9000 712/60???801GbColor Graphics HP-UX 10.20


ProcessorRAM [MB]Disk storage [GB]GraphicsMonitor OS
Celeron 4001288.4Diamond FIRE GL 1000 PRO19" SuSE Linux 6.1
2 x Celeron 4002568.43D bunshee17" Debian Linux / Win NT 4.0
Pentium 166961.2S3 Trio 64 V+17"Win 95
Celeron 4001288.0ATi Rage pro 12819" Win NT 4.0
Celeron 4002563.4Diamond FIRE 1000 PRO 17"Win NT 4.0 / Debian Linux
Pentium 1661285.5S3 Trio 64 V+17" Win NT 4.0
Pentium 2001921.7Matrox Millennium II21" Win NT 4.0
Pentium 2001921.7Matrox Millennium II21" Win NT 4.0
Pentium 1336445.0VGA--- FreeBSD 2.2.8
Pentium 15012837.0VGA ---FreeBSD 3.2



Some of installed applications on PCs:
Windows NT 4.0
MS office 95
Corel Office 8
Eudora Lite


Some of installed applications on UNIX workstations:
I-DEASApplication for 3-D modeling and solving
TASCflowDedicated application for solving non-linear equations; usualy used in numerical calculations of fluid flow
Alias/WavefrontApplication for animation and visualization
LaTeXProgram for writing books, articles. Dedicated for scientific papers
emacsAll-propose editor. Some say: A way of life.
xvGraphics viewer
gccGNU C compiler
g77GNU fortran
perlPractical Extraction and Report Language
distributed calculation

Other equipment

Other equipment include:
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