Products axioms

Product axioms (May 1998) Jože Duhovnik
  1. A product represents a technical and cultural value.
  2. A product is a material solution to a process deficiency that has been identified as an idea helpful to man.
  3. A product finds its origins in nature, is adapted for its function, and is eventually returned to its natural elements or parts.
  4. Each environment in the universe has its respective products.
  5. Each product is designed with its anticipated users in mind.
  6. A product with no user is not a product, but simply a creation consisting of materials and components.
  7. Products which are unsuitable in a particular milieu (incompatible with their environment) can be kept e.g. in museums as examples of technical and cultural value (specimens).
  8. Products which are incompatible with their milieu and are not kept as specimens should be returned to nature.
  9. Products enable the evaluation of technology, manufacturing and business.

These axioms enable the recognition of a product's value in human development and a product's status with respect to its time of creation, use and setting in history. Therefore, when a product is created, its quality has to be established through compliance with the above axioms.

Prof. Dr. Jože Duhovnik

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