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Changes upto v0.3

*Image Recycling
Images for equations, tables, figures, special characters etc. generated by the translator are recognized during subsequent runs. The user is then asked whether old images should be reused (or whether the old images should be deleted and regenerated). This offers tremendous improvements in speed after an initial successful translation.

*Cross-References Between (Local or Remote) Documents
Cross-references between two or more documents (possibly on remote locations) can be established via symbolic labels which are independent of the physical realization of these documents.

Such cross-references will be maintained with a simple re-translationgif even after one or more of the documents have been broken into different physical parts or moved.

The mechanism is based on the new commands externallabels and externalref which are an extension of the simple label-ref pairs.

*New Options
This provides hypertext links to where generated images (for equations, tables, figures etc) are stored externally. (The default is to ``inline'' generated images in the main body of the text.)
This switches all the navigation icons to their ascii equivalents. Also generated images are stored externally as with the external_images option above. The ascii_mode option makes documents more portable as it allows them to be viewed on browsers that do not support inlined images.

*Special Command Style File
A style file html.sty is now included in the distribution. This contains the definitions (syntax) of some special LaTeX commands mainly for providing external hypertext links. This should be included in LaTeX files that use the any hypermedia extensions.

*Minor Changes and Bug Fixes

The following were contributed by Robert S. Thau <>:

*New Texexpand
This fixes problems with the standard version and handles the inclusion of style files which need to processed by the translator. Appropriate modifications to the main script were also made to work with new version of texexpand.

*Handling of Raw TeX
Added support for simple raw TeX commands such as special and simple instances of defgif. For the messier cases, the definition is scooped up and moved to the preamble. This allows the translator to handle the simple, but nonstandard, postscript figure inclusion macros as well as an awful lot of other stuff done with gratuitous defs.
*More Options
This can be used to specify style files that should not be included in the translation.

*Other Changes

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Leon Kos
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