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Changes upto v0.4

*Accents and Special Characters
LaTeX accent commands, special characters and accent commands defined in german.sty are translated to equivalent ISO-LATIN-1 characters when that is possible (partly thanks to code supplied by Franz Vojik <vojik@de.tu-muenchen.informatik>).
*Auto-loading of Style-Specific Code
The translator now supports a mechanism for including Perl code extensions which are specific to particular style files.

This mechanism will help to keep the core script smaller as well as make it easier for others to contribute and share solutions on how to translate specific style files. The current distribution includes the files german.perl, french.perl, html.perl and makeidx.perl.

*Installation and Testing
To make it easier to install the translator for more than one user there is now a configuration file (LATEX2HTMLDIR/latex2html.config) which contains installation specific information and default values for the various options. This makes it unnecessary to have a HOME/.latex2html-init for each user. If a user does have a HOME/.latex2html-init then this will be loaded after LATEX2HTMLDIR/latex2html.config.

A new Perl script (install-test) is now available with the distribution which will install the translator, and then perform some tests on the availability of some external programs giving, appropriate warnings.

*Navigation Panel Extensions
The following new links have been added to the navigation panel which appears in each page (where this is appropriate):
*HTML Style File Extensions
The HTML style file html.sty now includes definitions of new environments for:
*Inclusion of Raw HTML
A new LaTeX environment rawhtml allows arbitrary HTML tags to be included in a LaTeX document. This is useful for taking advantage of HTML+ features as they become available (e.g. interactive forms). The HTML commands are ignored when producing the DVI version of the document.  
*Conditional Text
The new environments latexonly and htmlonly allow their contents to appear only in final DVI or in the HTML version of a document respectively.

A new command hyperref can be used to specify the way in which cross-references should be shown in the DVI version and the HTML version of the document.

*Right Justification of Equations
The translator adds enough whitespace at the beginning of each equation bitmap to push it to the right-hand margin. The width of each line can be set in the configuration file using the variable LINE_WIDTH.
*Inlined Images
All inlined images are now generated by calling latex and dvips only once at the end of the conversion process (but each generated image still has to be filtered individually). Also, a warning is given if an image cannot be converted.
*Numeric Labels
The original (LaTeX generated) numeric labels are used instead of the arrow navigation icon for cross-references where possible. To do this the translator uses the information in the aux file which is generated by LaTeX. If the aux file is out of date a warning is given.
*New Options
This puts a navigation panel at the top of each page as usual. But if the page exceeds a user-settable number of words (the default is 450 words) then a navigation panel is also placed at the end of the page. This option is active by default.
Adds a link to the index in the navigation panel.
Adds a link to the table of contents in the navigation panel.
Adds a link to the next ``logical'' page in the navigation panel.
Adds a link to the previous ``logical'' page in the navigation panel.
This puts a navigation panel at the bottom of each page.
This puts a navigation panel at the top of each page (the default).
This allows each section (page) title to be numbered in the same way that it would be numbered by LaTeX. This requires an up to date aux file (generated by running LaTeX) and that each title is unique. If the aux file is not up to date then a warning is given. Unfortunately if the title contains inlined images the numbering for that title will be lost.
This allows images generated during previous invocations of the translator to be ``reused'' without going through the initial interactive session. The same behavior is obtained by setting the variable REUSE to 1 (the default) in the configuration file. Note that images which may depend on contextual information (e.g. numerical labels) cannot be reused and are always re-generated.

*Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

More details on all the changes are available in the file LATEX2HTMLDIR/Changes.

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Leon Kos
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