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Getting LaTeX2HTML

One way LaTeX2HTML may be obtained is through one of the three Comprehensive TeX archive Network (CTAN) site nearest you. They are located in the United States <>, the United Kingdom <> and Germany <>. The latest version will appear in uncompressed format in the directory, tex-archive/support/latex2html.

A compressed tar file of the source and related files may be obtained from anonymous ftp to Two other ftp sites are and Other FTP sites nearer to you can be found using Archie at or (faster).

Warning: Some FTP sites may not carry the latest version.
Updates and patches are posted on the LaTeX2HTML server at


If you get the compressed tar version, save it into a file, say latex2html-96.1.tar.gz and then extract the files with

% gzip -d latex2html-96.1.tar.gz
% tar xvf latex2html-96.1.tar

You should then have the following:

Leon Kos
Tue Mar 19 09:29:01 MET 1996