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Other style files

An optional style file htmllist has been provided which produces fancier lists in the electronic version of the document such as this. This file defines a new LaTeX environment, htmllist, which causes a user-defined item mark to be placed at each new item of the list, and which causes the optional description to be displayed in bold letters. The mark is determined by the \htmlitemmark{} command. This command accepts either a mnenomic name for the item mark from a list of icons established at installation, or the URL of a mark not in the installation list. The htmlitemmark must be used inside the htmllist environment in order to be effective, but it may be used more than once to change the mark within the list. The item marks supplied with LaTeX2HTML are BlueBall, RedBall, OrangeBall, GreenBall, PinkBall, PurpleBall, WhiteBall, and YellowBall. The htmllist environment is identical to the description environment in the printed version.

An example of usage is:

\item[Item 1:] This will have a white ball
\item[Item 2:] This will also have a white ball
\item[Item 3:] This will have a red ball

This will produce:

*Item 1:
This will have a white ball
*Item 2:
This will also have a white ball

*Item 3:
This will have a red ball

There are also optional style files floatfig and wrapfig, which provide support for the floatingfigure and wrapfigure environments, respectively. These environments allow text to wrap around a figure in the printed version, but are treated exactly as an ordinary figure in the electronic version. They are described in Goossens, et. al. [2].

Leon Kos
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