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A special variable LANGUAGE_TITLES in the initialization or configuration files determines the language in which some section titles will appear. For example setting it to

$LANGUAGE_TITLES = ``french'';
will cause LaTeX2HTML to produce ``Table des matières'' instead of ``Table of Contents''.
Furthermore, the value of \today is presented in a format which is customary in that language.


The only languages currently supported are
``french'', ``english'' and ``german,''

but it is trivial to add support for another language in the file latex2html.config. As a guide here is the entry for the French titles:

sub french_titles {
 $toc_title = "Table des mati\\`eres";	
 $lof_title = "Liste des figures";
 $lot_title = "Liste des tableaux";
 $idx_title = "Index";
 $bib_title = "R\\'ef\\'erences";		
 $info_title = "\\`A propos de ce document..."; 
 $abs_title = "Résumé";
 $pre_title = "Préface";
 $app_title = "Annexe";
 @Month = ('', 'janvier', 'février', 'mars', 'avril', 'mai',
              'juin', 'juillet', 'août', 'septembre', 'octobre',
              'novembre', 'décembre');

In order to provide full support for another language you may also want to replace the navigation buttons which come with LaTeX2HTML (which are by default in English) with your own. As long as the new buttons have the same filenames as the old ones there should not be a problem.

Leon Kos
Tue Mar 19 09:29:01 MET 1996